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COVID-19 Update – Latest News July 2020

New Patient Update From Hina

We Have Some Fantastic News For You – After the announcement made by The Prime Minister. We will be opening the practice on Friday 3rd July.

We greatly look forward to welcoming our patients safely back to the practice.

We have had to cancel numerous appointments since the lockdown began in March and will initially be prioritising appointments for our existing patients who have had dental emergencies or appointments cancelled, in order of urgency. Please do not attend the practice unless you have an appointment.

At Avenue Dental the most important thing is patient safety and comfort, and that is why we are introducing a range of measures to keep our patients and staff safer than ever. Our reception team will inform you of some of these measures at the time of booking. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Tooth Restoration

‘Calm & Caring’ Tooth Restoration

Here at Avenue Dental in Ealing, London, we offer the following dental treatments so that you can maintain your teeth and your smile.

Fillings And Crowns

Do you have unsightly fillings, crowns, veneers or tooth decay?  Our restoration treatments make your teeth look natural, blending colour and appearance whilst at the same time providing your teeth with maximum strength for a long life.

White Fillings

Tooth decay caused by bacteria can damage your teeth to the extent that you require a filling. As part of the process, we remove decayed material and clean the filling site, then fill the tooth with tooth-coloured material. Tightly sealing the filling to the tooth prevents bacteria from causing further decay.

We use the latest technology to replace amalgam (“silver”) fillings with white fillings that blend in with the natural colour of your teeth. Following this treatment it does not appear that you have a filling at all. 


When a tooth has sustained considerable damage, we may recommend using a crown, which entirely covers the damaged tooth. We create most of our crowns using a process that leaves you with a strong, natural looking tooth and prevents further damage.

Some of the reasons why you may need a crown:

  • to cosmetically improve the appearance of a tooth / teeth
  • to strengthen front / back teeth that are full of fillings
  • to build up root filled teeth and strengthen them

There are 3 main types of crowns:

  • all ceramic / porcelain crowns
  • porcelain bonded to metal crowns (these have a gold metal fitting surface, which has porcelain baked on the outside)
  • gold crowns

If you are considering crowns for a cosmetic change then mock up models can be made by the laboratory technician if you want to see a simulation of how things could look. These will show you the results that can be achieved in your individual case.


If you have a missing tooth, the remaining teeth will gradually move into the empty space, resulting in a poor bite and a potentially unsightly smile. A dental bridge will prevent this by being cemented to the teeth, or implants, around the space, thereby preventing the movement of surrounding teeth and improving the look and feel.

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